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目の愛護デー&世界視力デー2020:日本アルコン in KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭

Japan Sight Day & World Sight Day 2020: Alcon Japan in KYOTOGRAPHIE


Japan Sight Day & World Sight Day 2020: Alcon Japan in KYOTOGRAPHIE
Share your photo in your Instagram: What’s your “VISION - See Brilliantly -”?

#AlconKG2020   #アルコンと京都国際写真祭


 (English follows Japanese)



今年、日本アルコンは目の愛護デーの活動の一環として、京都で行われる国際写真フェスティバル「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭」に参加します。今年の写真祭のテーマはVISION(ビジョン)。


Alcon x KYOTOGRAPHIE:あなたが撮影した“VISION(ビジョン:見えること)”の写真をモニター展示

アルコンとKYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭との協働プログラムとして、会期中、インフォメーション&ブックストア内に「アルコンステーション」を設置。Instagramに投稿された「VISION(ビジョン:見えること)」を表現した写真をアルコンステーション内のモニターに次々と映し出します。







KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭のInstagramもぜひご覧ください


  • ご投稿いただく写真は、ご自身で撮影されたもの、もしくは、撮影した方の許可を得たものに限ります。
  • 写真の被写体については、ご投稿いただく方の責任で権利処理を行ってください。 特に第三者が写っている場合は、その方の了解を必ず得た上でご投稿ください。
  • 投稿者は著作者人格権を行使しないものとします。
  • 既・未発表は問いませんが、既発表の場合、版権等の条件に問題がないものに限らせていただきます。
  • 作品に起因するトラブルや、投稿により発生した損失や損害について、当社では一切の責任を負いません。
  • 投稿いただいた写真は、当方が内容を確認した上で公開させていただきます。投稿いただいたすべての写真が掲載されるわけではありません。

Have you been spending more time looking at the screens of computers and smartphones, both at work and in your personal life under current COVID-19 situation? Our eyes may be overused every day. Surprisingly, half of the world's population or about 5 billion people will be myopic by 2050*.

October 10 is Japan Sight Day and October 8 is World Sight Day. Let's take a moment to think about the health of our eyes and the beauty of seeing brilliantly.

Part of our Japan Sight Day and World Sight Day initiative, this year, Alcon Japan is participating in KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival in Kyoto. The theme this year of the festival is VISION.

VISION created by spirited photographers from Japan and abroad from their own perspectives will be exhibited throughout the city of Kyoto. How will the artists' works resonate with the hearts of the people living today?

Alcon x KYOTOGRAPHIE:We will show your photo of “VISION - See Brilliantly- ” on the on-site monitor

As part of collaboration between Alcon and KYOTOGRAPHIE, Alcon Station will be set up in the Information & Bookstore during the festival period, where your photo of VISION – See Brilliantly - posted on Instagram will be displayed on a monitor in the Alcon Station.

Youth with friends, time with family, children growing up, smiling faces of loved ones, magnificent views in front of you, time to enjoy your hobbies... We invite you to post a photo on your own Instagram account with the hashtag #AlconKG2020 or #アルコンと京都国際写真祭 that expresses your VISION – See Brilliantly - and the joy it brings you.

Level of photography does not matter. Everyone is welcome to participate!

You never know, your photo might catch the eye of professional artists!


Sat., Sept. 19 – Sun., Oct. 18


Please visit KYOTOGRAPHIE Instagram.


<Guidelines of photo posting>
  • A photo you post must have been taken by you or with the permission of the person who took it.
  • It is the responsibility of the submitter to take care of the rights to the subject of the photo. In particular, if a third party is included in the photo, please make sure to get their permission before posting it.
  • The contributors shall not exercise their moral rights as the author.
  • In the case of a previously published work, it will be limited to works that do not have any problems with copyright or other conditions.
  • We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the posting of your work.
  • All submitted photos will be shared after we have checked the contents. Please note that not all of the posted photos will be shared on the on-site screen.


*Global Prevalence of Myopia and High Myopia and Temporal Trends from 2000 through 2050, Holden, Brien A. et al., Ophthalmology, Volume 123, Issue 5, 1036 - 1042